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collaborative interactive installation, with boutiquevizique, 2003-2004

Kontakt is an interactive collaborative installation directed toward the use of human touch as an interface for activating media. Visitors use their bodies to form chains between active poles in the location in order to animate the space with new movement, sound, and visual sequences. These interactions invite people to collectively move through and explore the provided spaces (a tall stairwell, a newly discovered house, an urban temporary space, a church) and experiences (holding hands, kissing, using differently conductive objects to modulate output results). Thus, the extended interaction is social: a singular visitor was unable to make Kontakt. The human skin and body, mobile and unpredictable, become the sensor and the actuator of this active space.

My role in this project: conception, design, programming, electronics, construction and coordination.

Exhibited at V2 Institute for Instable Media for DEAF 2003, Rotterdam, NL, Garage-G festival, Straslund, Germany, and Audioframes3 festival in Kortrijk, Belgium. Upcoming: Feb. 2005. StopKontakt in a church!

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Installation at Dutch Electronic Art Festival, Rotterdam, NL, 2003

Installation at Garage Festival, Stralsund, Germany, 2004

Installation at Audio Frames Festival, Sonokids, Kortrijk, Belgium, 2003

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