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Reconfigurable architecture, with Alexander Wilson, 2007

Dead-end streets do not exist! The city's architecture is in your hands: move its boundaries, walk through walls, connect and split zones of intensity, redistribute inertia! Lost in the labyrinth? Rearrange it! Where you were nolonger exists. You must constantly adapt, challenged by this continuously rearranged space. Nothing that you create is permanent ... The topological transformation is collective.

Rather than supporting the idea of built architectures as given, immutable structures, this project enables citizens to modify the existing established uses of the space and create their own experience of it. No motion is automatic, but every movement is echoed by the responsive environment. The movements of boundaries do not only enclose or open the space, they enable sounds, lights, colors and shadows that intensify space and produce new sensorial atmospheres. Each hinge-screen is a singular articulation of potential movement, but its rotation also modulates light and video media projected back into the created spatial arrangements, accentuating expansion and contractions of a collaboratively built spatial experience.

Interactive labyrinth, commissioned for the festival Enter: Unknown Territories
Cambridge, UK. Opening 25 April 2007. Press release. Interview at e.Dance Spring07.

Developed with Wiring.

Installation Cambridge

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